About Homepride

Our Homepride brand has been making great dishes simple since 1974, helping everyone to easily make a tasty meal to be proud of, for the whole family.

Today, Homepride’s sauces help anyone cook a wide range of British & Italian  dishes. From Italian favourites like Tomato & Herb Pasta Bake, to British classics like Sausage Casserole... there’s a Homepride product that you and your family will love!

Now we're extending our ‘All American' range with new Southern Fried Chicken Wrap Kits !

Fred, the famous bowler-hatted mascot of the brand, turned 50 in 2014!

All American
Wrap Kits

Make great southern fried chicken wraps in Texas BBQ and Smoky Maple flavours with our new Homepride Wrap Kits!

New Slow Cooker Sauces

Ready in 3 easy steps, our sauces have been carefully blended to create perfect slow cooked meals every time. 

All American
Mac & Cheese !

Our exciting All American Mac & Cheese range of pasta bake pouches make these popular dishes even easier to prepare.

They're available in Classic, Spicy, and Smoky flavours, and contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

All American Sticky

The All American Sticky range is inspired by the classic flavours of the USA and makes it easy to cook classic American dishes quickly and easily.

The range is low fat, with no added MSG, artificial colours or preservatives, and is suitable for vegetarians.

Homepride Kids

The range for Kids consists of pasta sauces in Bolognese, Cheesy Tomato, and Tomato & Mediterranean Vegetables, all with our "hidden vegetable portions", as well as a mild Indian Korma Curry and a Chinese Sweet & Sour Sauce.  

Great ideas for expanding your children's range of tastes!

Classic Cooking Sauces

As well as our classic cooking sauces, our Homepride range includes Oven Bakes, Pasta Bakes, and now... All-American Sauces too !

Available in jars for easy use, and in a variety of delicious flavours. 

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